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NSBA and the ABRI

The NSBA joined the ABRI in 2003 and we are very sure and we don't regret this Rolex Replica Watches step for one moment. Some of the big advantages of ABRI are the following:

  • It gives the NSBA an in-house, fast, world-class breed registry and performance system.
  • Data processing speeds with the ILR are much faster than other systems that they have been benchmarked against - around twice as fast in most cases.
  • The NSBA has access to world class Internet database enquiry and cataloguing services to promote Namibian genetics.
  • BREEDPLAN is trademarked worldwide and recognised as the world's most advanced genetic evaluation system.
  • The ABRI is financially secure; having made a profit in all of the 32 years it has been in business. It does this without any Government support.
  • By arround mid 2004 the prediction was that the Internet Slutions component of Breedplan in South Africa would attract in excess of 1 million enquiries per month. This prediction has been exceeded by far and is a vey good reason for beef cattle breeders to use this service as indeed is the case for clients in Southern Africa.
  • ABRI introduced its software to the Omega Replica Watches North American market in 1990. In just ten years it has become the most widely used breed registry software in that region.
  • Namibia is in good company in joining Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Philippines and Hongary, which have all accepted BREEDPLAN nationally, whreas it seems to become popular in South America (Argentine and Brazil) and of course in South Africa and in the UK.
  • BREEDPLAN continues to enjoy spectacular growth. Intotal 42 beef breeds use BREEDPLAN.