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The first meeting was held on 05 September 1991 where the commitee decided to establish a Breed Society for Namibia. The second meeting was held on 31 October 1991.

Voting Commitee

JM de Wet - First Chairman
H Freyer
FC Pampe
CFJ van Rensburg
B von Kunow - Secratary

The first meeting of the NSBA as an organisation was held on 23 January 1992.

BREEDS: Afrikaaner, Bonsmara, Brahman, Brown Switser, Charolis, Gelbveib, Hereford, Nguni, Pinzgauer, Red Angus, South Devon, Boerbok and Dorpers.

The first Annual General Meeting ws held on 05 October 1992. Societies that registered animals on 30 June 1994 was; Angus, Beefmaster, Brahman, Bonsmara, Brown Switser, Charolais, Nguni, Pinzgauer, Limousin, Gelbvieh and South Devon.

Total of - 202 Breeders; 11 Breed Associations with cheap replica cartier drive watches 25 016 registered animals.

Eversince 1994 the free betting tips association has grown to 309 Breeders; 17 Breed Associations with 31 979 registered animals.

Including Karakoel - 500 Breeders; 18 Breed Associations with plus-minus 47 000 registered animals as on 30 June 2003.