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  • In 2003 the NSBA started with 18 breeds. In the meantime 4 new breeds joined in and we do cater at this stage for 22 breeds.
  • Auction catalogues, previously compiled by AGRA, where the relevant data had to be captured and transferred from NSBA to AGRA, are now processed directly by the NSBA in the required catalogue format and available to the auctioneers.
  • Data can be immediately captured and transferred electronically to the breeders via e-mail
  • Breeders can submit data electronically via e-mail to the NSBA to be immediately processed. This saves much time for all parties concerned.
  • Weighing lists can be printed for the benefit of the breeders
  • Estimated breeding values can be made available to breeders via `Group Analysis Reports`, `Within Herd Reports` and `Interim Reports`
  • The ABRI registration program enables the NSBA to assist the Meat Board regarding the import and export of animals.
  • Visits to the NSBA Website are as follows:
    August 2003 - August 2004: 7 781hits
    September 2004 - August 2005: 16 770hits

    It looks very promising that those figures more than doubled within 1 year.
  • The total figure of registered animals with NSBA, increased from 2003 until 2005 from 31 979 to 43 773(36,9%)


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